Friday, December 3, 2010

Compton Needs STV

A comment I posted on the L.A. Times website regarding this article:

Compton needs to switch to the ranked voting method known as Single Transferable Vote (STV). STV would allow Compton to retain at-large elections, but at the same time would ensure that each ethnic group elects its proportionate share of representatives. Under STV, if 4 city council members are to be elected, then any group which makes up slightly more than 20% of the population is guaranteed a representative for each block of (slightly more than) 20% that they represent. Therefore, based on the population estimates above, Latinos would be guaranteed 2 seats, African-Americans 1 seat, and the remaining seat would go to either a Latino that a significant number of African-Americans found favorable, or an African-American that a significant number of Latinos found favorable.

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